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      In cases of massive weight loss due to bariatric surgery, we perform specialized surgeries such as:


      It is a procedure in which the skin resection is not only limited to the abdomen, but extends to the back.

      The scar is located in the lower part of the torso to be hidden by underwear.

      With this surgery it is possible to eliminate the hanging skin of the abdomen and back.


      Performing a conventional abdominoplasty is insufficient in cases where there is severe flaccidity, after a large loss of weight.

      In these cases not only a horizontal scar is made in the lower abdomen, but it is complemented by a vertical scar that removes excess skin and accentuates the waist.

      Due to the excess of skin in all the areas of the body, which results when losing weight in a massive way, it is often necessary to associate other procedures that depending on the magnitude of each procedure, can be performed in the same or in another surgical time.

      The most frequent complementary surgeries are:

      - CRUROPLASTY (Surgery of the thighs)

      When the excess skin of the crotch is large a liposuction of this area is not only insufficient, but can accentuate flaccidity.

      In these cases where there is hanging skin in this area, the best alternative is to perform a cruroplasty.

      The scar of this procedure extends from the lower crease of the buttocks to the groin, hiding in the entire union of the leg with the body. In very severe cases, it is necessary to make a vertical cut that although it is quite evident, it is necessary to achieve the best result.

      - BRAQUIOPLASTIA (Arm Surgery)

      It is reserved for cases in which the skin of the arm hangs in an important way.

      The scar in moderate cases is hidden in the armpit, but in most situations where there is severe flaccidity, it extends along the arm, correcting the excess skin, but leaving a very obvious scar.


      In moderate cases the rolls of the back are eliminated very well with Liposculpture associated with ultrasound, which not only eliminates fat, but also produces an impressive correction of flaccidity. However, when the back rolls are extremely severe, it is necessary to make cuts to remove excess skin.

      PEXIA MAMARIA (breast lift)

      The surgery of sines in the post bariatric patient, looks for to raise them eliminating great quantities of skin to obtain a beautiful form with the little mammary weave that usually is after a massive loss of weight. In these cases, the lifting may or may not be associated with the use of implants, depending on the size of the breast and the patient's desire. See more ... hyperlink to "breast lift and reduction"


      After a massive loss of weight, it is common for men's breasts to take on the appearance of a female breast, caused by a large runoff and sometimes by a round appearance, similar to a female breast.

      Depending on the excess of skin, this situation can be corrected either by liposuction or lifting the chest to restore its firm and masculine appearance.


      The changes that are achieved in the body after a bariatric surgery or massive weight loss, are incredible, but the face does not always suffer the same fortune. Frequently, the cheeks and neck are drained and premature aging appears that requires surgical management. See more ... hipervíncilo to "Face and neck lift". Read more...

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      Av. (Cra) 9 Nº 116- 20 · Consultorio 220
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