Petition: It is the fundamental right that every person has to submit respectful requests to entities for reasons of general or private interest and to obtain their prompt resolution.

Complaint: It is the manifestation of protest, censorship, dissatisfaction or nonconformity that a person formulates in relation to a behavior that he considers irregular of one or several service providers in development of his functions.

Claim: It is the right of every person to demand, claim or request a solution, either for general or particular reasons, regarding the improper provision of a service or the lack of attention to a request.

Suggestion: It is the manifestation of an idea or proposal to improve the service or management of the Institute

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All procedures are performed at the Felipe Amaya Institute for Plastic Surgery in Bogotá-Colombia.

** Results may vary from patient to patient; each patient is unique and there is no single technique for all cases. Before and after videos/photos are examples of results obtained in different patients, but it is important you know the results may vary in each patient.