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      Dr. Amaya has dedicated many years of his life to research the skin and its behavior and has paid special attention to the handling of the dark spots that occur in different situations such as pregnancy, sun exposure and aging.

      The foundation of the skin pigmentation management is based on the use of peels of different depths, chosen for each type of dark spots and each type of skin and only in selected cases, the use of lasers is added.

      The Institute has a wide selection of treatments to improve the quality of the skin and eliminate dark spots, however, its most effective tool is the AmayaMD system that corresponds to a superficial peel.

      The skin restoration system, AmayaMD (in logo), has been developed under the direction of Dr. Amaya, to maintain a healthy, smooth and unblemished skin.

      This system is a complete skin care kit, based on master formulas specially designed by Doctor Amaya, based on recent therapeutic discoveries for regular pigmentation, unifying the tone and texture of the skin, restoring its youthful appearance.

      The system developed by Dr. Amaya is a superficial peel and has a strong anti-aging effect. Its continuous use eliminates the superficial layer of the skin daily, favoring its renewal. Its permanent use is recommended to achieve its complete anti-aging action.

      The treatment cycle lasts three months, but the results are evident from the third week. The skin recovers its shine, looks healthy, homogeneous, without spots, with a young and fresh appearance.

      The system consists of a cleansing foam (Syndet), a degreasing toner (Toner), anti-aging cream AmayaMD and a solar screen.

      The treatment should be applied every night as a beauty routine. The impurities of the day are washed with the cleaning foam and the Toner is applied to remove the grease and allow the AmayaMD cream containing the depigmenting and exfoliating active ingredients to penetrate properly.

      The AmayaMD cream should be applied to the entire face in small quantities, as it is extremely strong and should always be used under medical supervision.

      It is expected that the face becomes red and somewhat dry during the first 15 days, but after this period, it will begin to tolerate much better.

      Medium peelings are more aggressive treatments for the management of difficult dark spots and heavily damaged skins that require direct application by a specialist.

      At the Felipe Amaya Institute we use several products for each skin type and choose different concentrations depending on each patients un damage case.

      According to each case we use different indications, we use peels of trichloroacetic acid (TCA), mandelic acid or commercial preparations such as the Obagi blue peeling or the Cosmelan peeling.

      These treatments act on the middle layer of the skin and although they do not improve wrinkles, they are highly effective in removing stains and returning the shine and luminosity of the skin so that it regains its vitality.

      The recovery process varies according to each type of peel chosen, but in general terms they occur with a week of redness and peeling, which can cause disability depending on the social activity of each patient.

      We recommend performing this type of peelings at least once or twice a year for skin maintenance and to prevent aging.

      This type of peeling acts on the deeper layers of the skin, producing a complete elimination of old and damaged skin, favoring the formation of a new skin, WITHOUT STAINS and WITHOUT WRINKLES.

      Dr. Amaya has dedicated a life to the research of the skin, has developed a personal formula that achieves a rejuvenation without surgery, which in some cases can be up to 20 years and has become popular among his patients with the name of AmayaPeel®

      Although the choice of this type of peel is generally reserved for patients over 60 years of age who wish to look much younger, it is sometimes useful for cases of dar resistant to other treatments or in cases of premature aging.

      To learn more about this treatment that has positioned the Felipe Amaya Institute as a world leader in rejuvenation, click here

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      Bogotá – Colombia

      Av. (Cra) 9 Nº 116- 20 · Consultorio 220
      Bogotá – Colombia

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      © All Rights Reserved | Instituto Felipe Amaya – Plastic Surgery | Terms & Conditions